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Fiona Trappe


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Following a successful career in the Pharmaceutical sector I returned to Wales and established BDW Consulting. In early 2017 I began exploring an additional venture based on seaweed! My interest was prompted by the increasing profile seaweed was receiving globally due to its remarkable properties, novel applications and its potential role in climate change

Self-funded to date, we were grateful to receive external support from the Welsh Government to participate in a number of key international conferences. This support accelerated development of the initiative, resulting in positive engagement with global experts across the supply and value chain; forging links for future knowledge transfer and collaboration. Today, we now have a global network amongst key stakeholders and are actively participating in a number of incentives to drive the seaweed agenda forward, ensuring the UK is represented on the global stage and in a position to readily embark on this new innovative opportunity.

Having worked in a senior advisory capacity for the UNWTO and other major multi/bi-lateral development partners in more than 45 countries over the last 25+ years, I bring depth of international expertise working with governments and the private sector in strategic planning, product development and institutional strengthening for key sectors.

Holding British and Australian nationalities, my experience in Tasmania – with relation to the transformation of the aquaculture, food/drink sector and its positive impact on the visitor economy – is of relevance here.


Charles Blair


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Scientific Advisor

Dr Rohan Holt

Associate Advisor

A conservation marine biologist I have a special interest in seaweed; undertaken various marine related ecology and marine biological surveys.

Co-author and development of marine biotope classification for Great Britain and Ireland. Coordinated field survey monitoring trials in Welsh special areas of conservation and worked for the UK government’s statutory nature conservation bodies e.g. Natural Resource Wales, English Nature, Scottish Natural Heritage and JNCC.

Biosecurity and managing marine non-native species are now a major part of my work including seabed video and biotope assessments.