The Seaweed Alliance provide practical and professional services at a competitive market rate. Services include:

  • Facilitation and development of feasibility studies
  • Scoping studies to determine farming sites.
  • Business and industry development plans for establishing viable and competitive seaweed sectors
  • Provision of access to R&D for downstream, value-added biorefining and advice on new product development.
  • Facilitation of expert advice on trials and introduction of Integrated
  • Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) systems, deploying seaweed cultivation with finfish and bivalve farming.
  • Facilitation of expert advice on Offshore Multi-Use-Platforms (MUP’s) – the co-location of seaweed aquaculture with other offshore operations e.g. wind farms
  • Provision of advice on marine conservation and safety in regard to aquaculture and related activities at sea and on land.
  • Facilitation of experts in seaweed carbon sequestration and modelling.